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Sorry I have not updated this for awhile. I have been very busy with some very serious family health issues. Things have settled down for a a bit so I hope to add to this blog.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Nellie May Mouck/Moch

Nellie May MOUCK was born 21 Sept 1878 in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., Pennsylvania. Her parents were William John MOUCK and Ida MINCER. On 27 Aug 1897 she married Duke(I believe his real name is Issac) HOPKINS in Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania. He is the son of John and Lucy (Lucinda) HOPKINS. Duke was born in Oliver Twp., Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania. I found this information on their marriage records in Jefferson Co. From this marriage they had 4 children. Jesse, born 1898 in Elk Co., PA, Grace born 15 Aug 1899 in Pittsburgh, PA, Paul, and Gerald George, born in 1905. Gerald is my direct line. I don't know alot about Nellie. I know that she married Bert CLARK, probably in Shelby, Ohio. She divorced him in 1919 in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio. She then married Herman EALY 21 Jan 1920 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio. Nellie lived out the rest of her life in Marion and died 17 May 1942 at the home of her daughter, Grace Landon, in Marion. Herman died 6 Apr 1941 at the home of his daughter in Morrrow Co., Ohio. From what I can gather, I believe they were not living together at the time of his death. I would love to find out more about Nellie, her children and her life. I did go to Marion this past summer and found where Nellie and her daughter and granddaughters are buried. Just didn't find out much about their life.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is the headstone of William Ash and Margaret Simpson Ash. They are buried in Kenton Cenetery, Kenton, Ohio. Buried next to them is their son Oresta William Ash. He doesn't have a headstone.


Thursday, June 22, 2006


Research Trip

Sorry that I haven't added to this site. I have been working on getting ready for my research trip. I will be going to Ohio where the Ash and Mitchell families are. Then on to Pennsylvania where the Hopkins and Griggs families are from. Then on to Massachusetts where I will be looking for Frost and Bailey.

This is a very exciting trip for me. It is a first. My friend Nancy and I are going in her motorhome and we will end up in Boston for the Federation of Genealogy Societies conference.

I will post results as I get them.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Gerald George Hopkins

Gerald George HOPKINS was born in 1905 to Duke and Nellie MOUCK HOPKINS. He married Della Malinda ASH daughter of Lorenzo and Sadie MITCHELL ASH, in Monroe, Michigan 7 May 1924. The announcement in the Marion Daily Star, Thurs. 8 May 1924 shows they had eloped to Monroe and were married by Reuben Crosby, Minister in his home. It also states he is a contractor. It says that Mrs. HOPKINS is daughter of Mrs. KLINGEL of Park Blvd. They started their married life in Marion, Ohio, where they had their first daughter Jeanne in 1925.

Also in the Marion Daily Star newspaper dated 2 Sept 1924, Gerald was arrested for failure to provide for his wife. He was released after he agreed to give his wife $5 a week. In the 1925 and 1926 city directory of Marion, Della is listed as the widow of Gerald HOPKINS. We know this is not true.

In 1927 Gerald, Della, Jeanne along with Della’s mother Sadie, sister Sylvia and her husband Harold BROWNLEE, moved to New Jersey. Sadie, Sylvia and Harold all went to Newark, while Gerald and family ended up in Huntterdon County. In the 1930 census, taken in April, they lived in Tewkesbury. It shows he was a laborer on a dairy farm. My mother, Doris was born in Somerville later that year. By 1932 the family had moved back to Newark to be near the rest of the family. One day Gerald went to get his paycheck and has never been heard from since. In Sept of 1932 their third daughter, Geraldine was born. According to my mother and her sisters the welfare and Della searched for Gerald. He was never found. He was declared legally dead so that Della could go on with her life. I have never found this record yet.

The last item I have found on Gerald was in his mother’s obituary. He is listed, but where about unknown. That was in May 1942.


Monday, February 27, 2006


William ASH

William ASH was born 8 Feb 1845 to Thomas ASH and Sarah HARDY in Oswego, New Brunswick, New York. He died 9 Nov 1921 in Palestine, Texas at the home of his son Willis. He was the 2nd of 5 children. On 15 April 1867 he married Margaret Jane SIMPSON in Hardin Co., Ohio. They had 9 Children. Mary Gladys who married Marion MUSGRAVE, Willis Norton who married LouEmma PACKER, Baby Ash, who died at birth, Lorenzo Dow who married Sadie MITCHELL, Oresta William, Agnes Luella who married Jacob COOPER, Alba M who married 1st Arthur WELTZ, 2nd James BURNS, Ada Viola who married Jacob E BARKER and Fay E who married Frank REIGLER.

William enlisted in the Ohio Volunteers during the Civil War and was in the 15th Regiment, Company I. He was wounded in the left leg during the “Battle of Chickamauga” in Georgia and later lost his leg. He was discharged in 1864 and received a pension due to his wound.

According to his pension records. William was 5 ft 8 in tall and had light complexion, blue eyes and brown hair. He was a farmer before going into war. It also listed all his children and when he was married.

William and Margaret lived in Marseilles, Ohio until after 1881. At that time they moved their family to Hardin Co., Ohio until the death of Margaret on 30 Mar 1916. William then moved to Palestine, Texas to live with his son, Willis and family. Both Margaret and William are buried in Grove Cemetery, Kenton, Hardin Co., Ohio.



Thomas ASH

Thomas ASH was born in Sussex, England, 8 Oct 1812. He came to the United States sometime before 1843. He married Sarah HARDY 10 Jan 1843 in Ontario Co., New York. The had 5 children, Alexander, William married Margaret SIMPSON, Sarah, Thomas who married Adeline BOYER and James. The first 4 were born in New Brunswick, New York. The last son, James was born in Ohio.

After 1850 the family moved to Wyandot Co., Ohio, where Thomas raised his family. He enlisted on 21 Nov 1861 in the Civil War. He was discharged 20 Nov 1863 in Lookout Valley, Tennessee because of chronic rheumatism. His son, Alexander,died during the war and is buried in Camp Wood, Ky and son William also enlisted in the Civil War. After the his wife died Thomas lived with his son Thomas Jr. Thomas Died 25th Oct 1897 and is buried in York Street Cemetery in Jackson, Wyandot Co., Ohio.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Lorenzo Dow Ash

Lorenzo (Lou) Dow ASH was born 28 Sept 1872 in Marseilles, Wayandot Co., Ohio, to William ASH and Margaret Jane SIMPSON. He married Sadie Susan MITCHELL, 22 Nov 1898 in Hardin Co., Ohio. They had 4 children, Ovan, born May 1900, died before 1910. Sylvia D., born 29 April 1901 in Marion, Marion, Ohio, died 18 Apr 1989 in West Palm Beach, FL. Della Melinda, born 5 Nov 1905 in Marion, Marion, Ohio, died 20 Aug 1948 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Arthur born 10 Feb 1908 died 20 Mar 1908 in Marion Co., Ohio. According to the 1910 census Lorenzo worked as a yardman at the engine works. Sadie and Lorenzo divorced in April 1919 in Marion Co., Ohio.

Lorenzo married Elizabeth (Glenn) DURBIN 11Aug 1919 in Bucyrus, Ohio. They lived in Marion and Hardin Co., Ohio. He died in 9 Jan 1948 and is buried in Ridgeway Cemetery in Hale Township, Hardin Co., Ohio.



This is a picture of my Aunt Gerry (Geraldine), Aunt Jeanne and my grandmother Della Malinda Ash Hopkins Shaw taken abt 1945/6 in Newark, New Jersey.



Sadie Susan Mitchell

Sadie Susan MITCHELL was born 27 Feb 1881 in Hardin Co., Ohio to Thomas MITCHELL and Ellen BLANCET. She was the 10th of 13 children. She married Lorenzo Dow ASH 22 Nov 1898 in Hardin Co., Ohio. They had 4 children, Ovan, born May 1900, died before 1910. Sylvia D., born 29 April 1901 in Marion, Marion, Ohio, died 18 Apr 1989 in West Palm Beach, FL. Della Melinda, born 5 Nov 1905 in Marion, Marion, Ohio, died 20 Aug 1948 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Arthur born 10 Feb 1908 died 20 Mar 1908 in Marion Co., Ohio. Sadie and Lorenzo were divorced in April 1919. On the 1920 census Sadie was living in Marion, Ohio with just her daughters. On 22 Oct 1922 Sadie married Charles W Klingel in Marion, Ohio. They divorced in 1928 and she took back the name of ASH.

About 1927 Sadie and both of her daughters, Della and Sylvia and their families moved to Newark, New Jersey . She was living with her daughter Sylvia when she died on 28 Nov 1941 in East Orange, New Jersey. She is buried in Otterbein Cemetery, Hardin Co. Ohio.

From what my mother and Aunts have told me my great grandmother was a confinement nurse. My mother would go over to her house to help her clean and her grandmother would make beans and cornbread. Mom asked her where she learned to cook them because her mother never cooked them. Her grandmother said that it was an old southern dish. I have since learned that Sadie’s mother was from Alabama. Sadie was a very religionist lady. She did not believe in dancing and the movies. On Sundays you were suppose to go to church and read the Bible. My mother remembers that her mother would let them go to the movies on Sundays, but told them to make sure that they did not tell their grandmother where they were going.

I have a copy of a letter that Sadie wrote to her granddaughter Jeanne and a postcard that she sent to her when she was visiting her brother Minor in Marion, Ohio. I only have one picture of Said, but in it I can see which side of the family I take after. My Aunts and mother keep telling me I am a lot like their grandmother.



Della Malinda ASH

I will start my story with my material grandmother, Della Malinda Ash Hopkins Shaw. Della Melinda ASH was born 5 Nov 1905 to Lorenzo (Lou) D. ASH and Sadie Susan MITCHELL. She had one older sister and 2 brothers. Both of the brothers died when they were infants. Della, the third child, was born in Marion, Marion Co., Ohio. She died 20 Aug. 1948 in Chatham, Essex, New Jersey. She is buried in Hollywood Memorial Park, Bloomfield, New Jersey.

She married Gerald George HOPKINS on 7 May 1924 in Monroe, Michigan. The Marion Daily Star reported that she wore a grey and blue crepe dress and carried ophelia roses. My aunts birth certificates indicated that he was born between March and September 1905 to Nellie MOUCK/MOCH and “Duke” HOPKINS. My mother told me that her mother told her that when Della and Gerald were dating Gerald use to draw beautiful pictures on the tablecloths and the restaurant would keep them.

Della and Gerald had 3 daughters. Jeanne Virginia, born in Marion, Marion, Ohio. Doris (Dot) Mae, born in Somerville, Sussex, New Jersey. Geraldine (Gerry) Marie, born in Glen Ridge, Essex, New Jersey, died 27 April 2007 in Helena, MT.

About 1927 Della, Gerald and daughter Jeanne moved from Ohio to Newark,New Jersey, Along with Della’s sister Sylvia and husband Robert BROWNLEE and their mother, Sadie ASH. While living in Somerville, New Jersey, my mother Doris was born. Gerald was working on a dairy farm at this time. My mother told me that she remembers that her mother use to talk about sitting under the tree in the field where she would wait for Gerald to come for his lunch. They later moved back to Montclair before Geraldine was born.

Sometime in early 1932 Gerald left his family to go get his paycheck and he never returned. So Della raised her three daughters alone. For 7 years with the help of the local welfare office they looked for Gerald. There was no trace. According to family stories, in about 1940 Della had him declared legally dead so that she could go on with her life. In about 1942 Della married Bill SHAW. Bill later went off to war. Della died 20 Aug 1948 from cancer.

I have been very fortunate that my mother and both of her sisters live in Boulder and that I get to talk to they about their family. They have told me many wonderful stories about when they grew up. I know that her daughters wish that they had had more time with their mother. They said that Della had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to go places and do things with her girls. She must have been a very strong woman and a very loving person to raise three girls alone. I think that she did a great job, because my Mom and both of my Aunts are great ladies who would help anyone in need and they all have a great sense of humor. It is a shame that she died before her grandchildren could get to know her.


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